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If you have an HVAC system at home or office, in some cases, the duct needs to be encapsulated. If the heating or cooling system is installed in a commercial building or in a residential building, the reasons may vary from one reason to another. We are one of the best air duct encapsulation service providers in Columbia having many years of experience in this field.

Air Duct Encapsulation

When Air Duct Encapsulation Becomes Necessary?

  • In a commercial building, encapsulating the air duct becomes necessary when the sealant on the fiberglass duct board or the fibreboard starts eroding.
  • If the duct is made from fiberglass duct board, it may reduce noise, but at the same time, pollute the air inside the room, making the air inside the home unhealthy for a living.
  • In some homes, deteriorating fibreboard and formation of mold in the duct may lead to its erosion. In such cases, encapsulation is a cheaper option than replacing the entire duct.

Advantages of Hiring Our Air Duct Encapsulation Services

  • Air duct encapsulation is a service for which you must rely on experts. We provide special training to each of our technicians on joining and the training is provided by our expert training team.
  • Our staffs are trained as per the standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Hence they are aware of the most advanced methods of air duct cleaning and maintenance processes.
  • When you hire us for your air duct encapsulation services, be assured that you are going to get specialized and efficient men for your work.
  • We also give a guarantee of our work and if any defect arises after completion of the work, we rush to the spot to rectify it.
  • Our air duct encapsulation prices are quite affordable compared to the other service providers in Columbia. We will give an estimate of the work and will start after your approval.

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